Q – Are you the photographer(s) who will be shooting my wedding?

A – Yes. All of our collections include Tim and Virginia, unless we create a custom package for you.

Q – Is photography a full time job for you or something you “do on the side”?

A – This is our full time "job".  We capture 30+ weddings a year.

Q - How long have you been photographing weddings?

A - We began our first full year in 2008 with 20+ weddings.

Q - Do you travel?

A - Yes!  We love it to experience new places. We have been all along the east coast of the U.S, caribbean, including Montego Bay and Negril Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Greneda, and counting.

The Images

Q – What kind of pictures do you specialize in?

A – We feel it is very important to capture the day as it happens. Modern Photo-journalism with a classic twist best describes Carden’s style. Telling a story, with little posing or forced shots and lots of details. Setting a basic pose and flowing with what happens next makes for the most truly emotional images.

Q – How long before I can see the pictures from my wedding?

A – Your online image gallery will be available within 6 weeks of the event. We post a preview on our blog within a week of your wedding date.

Q – Do you edit the images?

A – We try our best to capture the image correctly when we press the shutter button. However, we do incorporate post production on images for color correcting, contrasting, cropping etc, when needed.


more images to view

Q – I like the images I see online. Would it be possible to see what an entire wedding looks like?

A – Of course. We would be more than happy to send more than 1. We suggest always asking to see complete weddings when looking for your wedding photographer. It helps you to see how consistent the photographer is throughout the whole event, not just a couple good shots from the day.

Our blog is also full of our recent work BLOG

The Biz stuff

Q – Do you have backup equipment?

A – We have backups for everything we use, from the camera body, lenses to memory cards.

Q - Do you have insurance?

A - YES!  We would be happy to provide our COI to your venue.

Q – I like what I hear! How we do officially reserve your services for our wedding!?

A – A signed contract and deposit of half will officially reserve your wedding day. We do offer payment plans if needed.