About Us

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Carden's Photography is an internationally published, award winning photography team that consists of Virginia and Tim Carden.

Virginia and Tim were married all the way back in 2004.  A couple years later their daughter was born which gave Virginia the chance to pick up an old hobby and a subject she loved learning in college - photography.  Shortly after shooting a wedding for a friend, requests for wedding photography were coming in.  By 2008 a full wedding season was on the schedule with 25 weddings.  Since a young boy Tim always had a camera in his hands and getting back into it was so natural, it just seemed like everything was falling in to place.  

Deciding it was time to pursue their passion full time Virginia and Tim went full steam ahead with capturing weddings.  In 2011 they got the idea to bring a video camera along to a destination wedding and within months the videography side of the company was also growing.

The Carden's love what they do.  Capturing the moments, the details and most importantly always looking for the coolest light.   Everyday working and living as photographers, is just one more day of living their dream.  

They are members of PPAISPWP and Fearless Photographers.